Join us for a one-day free festival and show this summer! Yes. You read that right.


ShakesFaire is an afternoon of festival fun followed by a Shakespeare show. Enjoy traditional favorites like lawn games, face painting, photo opportunities, and an artists' market. Our 2022 festival brought out over 200 patrons to live music and a great afternoon!

We are seeking volunteers and performers for ShakesFaire 2023! 

Juggling, Music, Acrobatics, Monologues, and anything else you can dream up!

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As You Like It!


August 26 at 6:30 pm at Lyndon House Arts Center

Love triangles, mistaken identities, and mischievous pranks abound in the Forest of Arden. With a famous quote here and a witty retort there - Shakespeare's wordplay will keep you in stitches throughout.

"As You Like It" tickles the funny bone, celebrates the power of love, and reminds us that sometimes, we find ourselves in the most unexpected places.

Congratulations to our cast!

Duke Frederick's Court

Duke Frederick: Alan Hickerson

Celia: Vivi Guerra

Touchstone: Jeremy Miller

Charles the Wrestler: Josh Darnell

The de Boys Household

Oliver de Boys: Nick Ciarochi

Jaques de Boys: Ben Doster

Orlando de Boys: Case Kellum

Adam: Skip Hulett

Pages and Attendants:

Emery Crawford

Mila Cestaro

Duke Senior's Exiled Court in Arden

Duke Frederick: Alan Hickerson

Rosalind: Nina K. Guzmán

Jaques: Ken Johnston

Amiens: Noah Walker

Country Folk in the Forest of Arden

Phebe: Libby Grace Garrett

Silvius: Billy Hallberg

Corin: Ty Byers

Audrey: Lora Hogan

Oliver Martext: Carley Reeves